Preparing for the unknown…then for the unexpected.

Preparations are under way for Moxie and her crew of four to leave Palm Beach, Florida for Barcelona, Spain on May 17, 2017.

I’ve set up this blog to keep friends and family informed during the ocean crossing.  That, at first, was working in the unknown, as this is my first blog.  It took about a week to get past the floundering around, laughing and cursing stage, and on to content.  My hope is to make this informative and entertaining, regardless of whether you are family, friend or total stranger.

Preparations for a trip of this magnitude are immense, starting with eliminating the unknowns.  Research is more than internet searching; rather, including many connections with those who have gone here before and experts in many fields.  The boat must be thoroughly inspected for what’s needed and what might go wrong.  Preventative maintenance is a huge task and specifying spares (there’s no marine store out there) is daunting.  The process is an educational one, turning unknowns into knowledge bases, and preparing as much as possible, to face the unexpected.  As has often been said, “Its not an adventure until something goes wrong.” And it surely will…but with adequate preparation, hopefully, not something we can’t handle.

See the About page (upper right menu icon, in the above image) for background information on the route, boat and crew.  Regular posts will begin about a week before departure, when we arrive in Palm Beach to begin final preparations.

3 thoughts on “Preparing for the unknown…then for the unexpected.

  1. We purchased our first Nordhvn in October 2016. A 1997 50 ft. Fly ridge-“Java”. I will be following you and your passage with much envy. Not ready yet to make the passage but hopefully in a few short years. Thanks, Trish Stasinos


  2. Thanks for setting up the blog Peter- looking forward to following you posting, stories, and adventures! Hoping for smooth waters, and lots of fish!!


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