While Bob has the crew at Yacht Tech busy with upgrades, preventative maintenance and spares acquisition, Shar is getting our medical/emergency supplies and I’m creating menus and a provisions list.

I love to cook, so for me, this is a natural…as are long, wilderness trips (land and sea), where advance planning is vital.  This trip should be pretty easy because we’ve got two freezers, in addition to the full-size frig, and tons of space.  The galley is deluxe, so as long as seas are down, cooking will be a pleasure.  But when seas are up, we’re gonna be eating…well…gorp, jerky and such; dried edamame, anyone?

Another love is fishing…and I’m not alone in that regard.  We’re counting on fresh fish to augment our on-board protein supplies.  But I’m a west coast fisher; salmon, lingcod, halibut are the usual victims/victuals.  In the Atlantic, wahoo, dorado and tuna are the hunted, so I’ll have to learn new techniques…such as trolling at 7 knots with big-ass lures!  The terminology is different, too.  Tackle, for instance: “300 yards of braid on a 50-pound-class outfit, with a top shot of monofilament; a wind-on leader connects to the ballyhoo rig with a SPRO snap swivel.”  Huh?  Gotta decipher that before I can visualize it, let alone buy it, rig it, use it and catch with it.

All preparations drop into overdrive about a week before the May 17th departure.  Shar and I arrive in Palm Beach on the 10th.

5 thoughts on “Preparations

      1. having only crossed the Atlantic sailing and on a navy vessel i can understand all the details that goes into your preparations. good luck an put me on your automatic e mail. best regards and many thanks finn


  1. Bonjour,

    I am preparing my North sea Trawler 57′ Balder VIII to so the same journey but from Gibraltar or Canary islands. Wish you the best and many thanks for sharing this “grandiose” experience. Bons vents!
    MV balder VIII
    mmsi 227 399 280


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