While Bob has the crew at Yacht Tech busy with upgrades, preventative maintenance and spares acquisition, Shar is getting our medical/emergency supplies and I’m creating menus and a provisions list.

I love to cook, so for me, this is a natural…as are long, wilderness trips (land and sea), where advance planning is vital.  This trip should be pretty easy because we’ve got two freezers, in addition to the full-size frig, and tons of space.  The galley is deluxe, so as long as seas are down, cooking will be a pleasure.  But when seas are up, we’re gonna be eating…well…gorp, jerky and such; dried edamame, anyone?

Another love is fishing…and I’m not alone in that regard.  We’re counting on fresh fish to augment our on-board protein supplies.  But I’m a west coast fisher; salmon, lingcod, halibut are the usual victims/victuals.  In the Atlantic, wahoo, dorado and tuna are the hunted, so I’ll have to learn new techniques…such as trolling at 7 knots with big-ass lures!  The terminology is different, too.  Tackle, for instance: “300 yards of braid on a 50-pound-class outfit, with a top shot of monofilament; a wind-on leader connects to the ballyhoo rig with a SPRO snap swivel.”  Huh?  Gotta decipher that before I can visualize it, let alone buy it, rig it, use it and catch with it.

All preparations drop into overdrive about a week before the May 17th departure.  Shar and I arrive in Palm Beach on the 10th.

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