Mind set

Mostly, folks are supportive and enthusiastic about our journey.  A few, however, are mystified.  Their response tends to be along the lines of, “Tell me, again, why are you doing this?”  My reply, “You’re not a boater, are you.”  In any case, this kind of undertaking requires a good sense of humor, which we have in bilge loads.  Maybe this Wiley Miller cartoon could be a theme.

img_0374Or, maybe not.

Another regular question is, “Are you going through the Bermuda Triangle?”


The answer is no…because we’ll start out following the Gulf Stream Current, which takes us north, before heading east.  That minimizes fuel consumption and maximizes speed.Gulf Stream.png

The mind set very much includes safety and efficiency, though missing the Triangle has nothing to do with the former.

2 thoughts on “Mind set

  1. A perfect and delightful example of what can happen when we make space and open to possibility without expectation!!! I am so excited to follow your adventures.

    In awe and wonder, Lu


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