Day 2, May 18

Data at 7 AM…

Engine hours: 3835.7

Fuel consumed: 114 gal. not counting generator fuel of about 0.5 gal/hr.

Miles traveled yesterday: 220

Position: (note to self…nobody cares)

Weather: same as yesterday, winds moderate

Water temperature: 80.5


At just about dawn, we made a 35 degrees turn towards the east that awoke everybody.  We’re headed more into the wind and waves, and the change in motion is very noticeable.  Sunrise was about 45 minutes later, at 6:30 sharp.

After a full day fishing, with no bites, no nothing, we broke out the frozen bait.  Two fish on, within one hour, one in the boat.  Dorado/mahi-mahi, 39″, beautiful blue-green & yellow.  

We got a new weather forecast this morning, too.  It was almost as gratifying as the fish.  Winds should abate throughout the day, so that by evening we’ll be at 5 – 10 kts and seas of 2 – 3 ft.  By tomorrow, seas subside to 1 – 2 ft, with light winds.  Everyone is kinda giddy.


Fresh mahi fish tacos for lunch, courtesy of Bob’s favorite recipe: lightly floured (s&p, Siraccha), fried, served with carrot cabbage slaw, mAyo-Shiraccha sauce, in flour tortillas.  Yum!  And no sooner had we licked our plates clean, that we got another one on the line.  Identical twin, no less.  39″.  I didn’t see the first one in the water because I was on watch, so I missed the vibrant colors that quickly start to fade when brought aboard.  Not so with this one.  They incredibly vivid blue pectoral fins remind me of a bright silk hue.  This one had blue freckels all over, too.

We’re fascinated with the flying fish. Some are tiny; go figure, juvenile fish.  Question of the day: do flying fish fly into the wind, like an airplane taking off, or with the wind, to move faster/further?  Turns out (scientific method be damned) there doesn’t seem to be a pattern. Shar’s theory is that they fly in the direction they were already going under water.  This discussion indicates that we’re moving into normal, adapting to conditions, establishing routine, becoming comfortable…as opposed to yesterday, when all the newness was crammed in a bottle with poor conditions stress.

More fish for dinner. More yum.  The meals routine is pretty simple: everyone is on their own for breakfast & lunch, with exceptions.  Dinner is a family meal, served early, ideally at 5 PM; almost made that time tonight.  Conditions were barely OK for cooking a full meal.  I was bouncing around more than I’d like, and probably more than is safe, with hot pans and sharp knives at close quarters.  Captain & crew were informed that they’d be eating jerky if it’s any rougher.

Aleoli is having even better luck fishing. At dusk, their count is 3 dorado, including one of 62″, and a big blue marlin (released).  It looks like the pot luck in Bermuda will have plenty of finny protein.

Bob continues to work on a satellite comm fix, to no avail.  He’s got shore-side resources on the problem, thanks to the other boats, whose systems are working fine.  Good thing we have company.

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