Day 3, May 19

Data at 7 AM…Engine hours: 3859.7

Fuel consumed yesterday 108 gal., total fuel consumed: 222 gal. not counting gen set

Miles traveled yesterday: 208 nm, total miles traveled: 428 nm 

Weather: scattered clouds, mostly clear, winds light

Seas:  Lumpy, uneven little swells 2-4 ft. (holding on is optional)

Water temperature: 77.4


UFO sighting in the night!  That would be ‘F’ for fishing, as in fishing vessel.  There was a dead-slow moving set of lights on the horizon with no AIS signature that persisted in invading the fleet, no matter that we turned to avoid it.  Luckily, it was a dance in very slow motion and, in spite of our 2-mile girth, we prevailed.  It was a good lesson in the operation and limits of radar-only navigation.

Later on, still o-dark thirty, we reached 32 N, the designated latitude for the turn east towards Bermuda.  Only about 585 miles to go.

Still later, Relish sighted another UFO, which turned out to be Venus, rising above the horizon.

We’re getting good weather, exactly as forecast.  The seas are down, along with the wind.  It’s not exactly a mill pond, but it’s probably as good as it gets.  The forecast says we get more of the same until sometime on Sunday, when a cold front comes through.  In honor of the easy conditions, Shar made cherry-studded scones for a late breakfast.  Everyone is happy.

Good excitement for another fish turned to great, when Shar reeled in a 6 ft. blue marlin.  It put up an energetic and lengthy battle.  Again, such a colorful and different fish from what we’re used to.  When it got thoroughly tired (just barely more so than Shar), Jason (out on the swim step!) clamped onto its pointy bill with one hand and wrestled it to a position where he could remove the hook.  We got a thrill and no fish was killed in the making of this episode.


Mellow.  With great weather and similar spirits, we just enjoyed the day.  Our half-way point to Bermuda  was reached in the early evening.  All boats report smooth operation.  No additional fish, though Bob had a freight train strike that got him totally jacked.

2 thoughts on “Day 3, May 19

  1. This is one of the best crews I have ever been with, and it really is amazing how compatible, how fun and how good-natured the whole team is. The fishing competition makes for great fun as well. We are looking forward to sharing our goods, fish, carbs and other more liquid substance, in Bermuda at a potluck which now will take place on Bermuda Day, Wednesday, May 24th. We will all be glad to get there!


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