Day 5, May 21

Data at 7 AM…Engine hours: 3907.7

Fuel consumed yesterday: 112 gal., total fuel consumed: 457 gal. 

Miles traveled yesterday: 180 nm, total miles traveled: 797 nm 

Weather: partly cloudy, high haze, winds light from SSE, swinging around to W in late morning.

Seas: swell 2-3 ft. primarily from SSE

Water temperature: 73


Last night was the first mostly cloudless night, granting a magnificent view of the stars & Milky Way.  When I came on watch at midnight, there was a lightening show in the few clouds, low on the horizon, to the north.  And in the water, phosphorescence was sparkling in the bow wave.  Quite the magical combination!

Bernie, on Angela, has been in touch with the two boats that dropped back.  They are about 60 miles behind, putting them in Bermuda on Tuesday morning, rather than Monday evening.

The fish are back!  In the gaff of the day, Aleoli got spooled before they realized a fish was on.

Zany-ness within the fleet seems to be on the rise, given the radio banter.  Are we simply getting comfortable with one another, thereby feeling free to joke, tease and go on at length?  Or, is there something more at play?  One theory, posited by someone who shall remain unnamed, is…given that drunkenness and sleep deprivation are brothers of another mother, it is damn hard to tell the difference across the air waves.  My vote is on the latter.

For instance, we learned this morning that Angela is the diet boat.  That little tidbit led to a half-hour of accusation, denial, menu fantasy, judgmental commentary and general hilarity.  We even got Oxanna involved, who speaks French and Russian, but little English.  Heretofore, she’d been totally absent from any radio transmission.  BTW, this is quite the international group; Moxie appears to be the lone English-only boat (not proud of that, but we’ll try to make up for it in fish).


The fish weren’t back, for us, anyway.  We had two to the boat, early, which were released. One was a debatedly small dorado, which we probably should have kept; the other was a 5-ish foot blue marlin.  Our high spirits and confidence slowly ebbed throughout the day.  Nothing.  Several fish were taken on Relish and Aleoli, so congrats to them.

I’m clearly not getting enough sleep, though it doesn’t feel like that, most of the time.  With the middle-of-the-night watches, the motion of the boat, the beauty and excitement of just being here, the continuing good company and the small space, it’s hard to prioritize and achieve rest.  Tonight’s 2100 to 2400 duty is the hardest, so far.  There isn’t enough to do, looking at unchanging screens and gauges, and a pitch black surround (no stars!).  The other boats are just light specs, too far away to be relatable.  The Bermuda break will be a nice 4-night catch-up period.  Also, I’m realizing the 11-day leg to Horta will require a different, more disciplined approach.

Bermuda is situated in the Atlantic Time Zone, 1 hour further east than Eastern.  No one has a clue where the boundary is, though.  Bernie declared an arbitrary noon changeover, but Aleoli rebelled, saying it doesn’t matter until we get there.  I suppose so.

3 thoughts on “Day 5, May 21

  1. Loved getting your posts – even all at once like I did. I won’t continue to leave comments since you would have way too many to read and keep up with, but just want you to know I am totally enjoying the posts and sharing the crossing with you!! Hugs to you and Shar and thanks for the sharing – easy to connect with you!!! Nance


  2. Loving reading these… Jim is hooked too! The phosphorescence on the water must have been incredible! Keep up the fishing…. I’m catching up on the daily posts, but enjoying each one! Say hello to Shar for me! Tami


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