Under Weigh

Engine hours at start: 3,847.9

Engine start @ 07:46

Position: still in port

Weather: mostly clear, winds SE ~6 kts 

Under way or under weigh?  Originally, in old England, its sense was of motion, which led to that of lifting, then to that of ‘measure the weight of.’ The older sense of ‘lift, carry’ survives in the nautical phrase ‘weigh anchor’, which could mean ‘raise up’. Some over-clever individuals connected with the sea almost immediately linked it to ‘under way’.  Being over-eager, rather than over-clever, I just threw that header in, gratuitously.


So, we are under way!  Weather conditions are better than forecast.  Seas are a bit choppy, but mostly on the starboard beam, not on the nose.  Walking around in the boat requires holding on to something, most of the time, but more as a precaution than a necessity.  We will make a course change around noon that will put the seas even more astern, which will mellow things out a bit more.  The five boats are in formation, about a mile apart.  Angela is in the lead.

This is the life! Swim trunks, t-shirt and bare feet. Perfectly comfortable.  The back deck/cockpit is regularly awash with surge coming in the scuppers.  The water is warm and inviting on said bares.  Ahhhh.

Two fishing lines went out almost immediately; hoping for mahi-mahi.


We’re in the Gulf Stream, which is giving us 3 or 4 kts of added speed.  The fleet is aiming at a non-assisted speed of 7.3 kts.  For us, that’s about 1,300 rpm.  At 1500 hours, were doing 11.2 kts against some significant chop, as things have gotten kinda frisky outside.  The aforementioned turn to make things more comfortable was theoretical…and worthless.  Added wind speed ( up to ~20 kts.) has more than made up for it.  The two smaller boats, Roam & Tivoli, have decided to reduce speed to make life more comfortable.  Holding on is mandatory.

Relish made its rendezvous with us shortly after noon, having left Bermuda the day before.  Aboard is Rick, who is also blogging.  His address is http://nap2017.blogspot.com/. The fleet is now four, and these are the boats that comprised the original group that are going together, all the way to Gibraltar.  Roam & Tivoli have fallen astern, together, and we are not in contact with them.  We will see them in Bermuda, where they will stay for the duration of the Americas Cup races.  We will be leaving the day the preliminary trials get under way (weigh?).  I’m a bit disappointed that I’ll miss a rare opportunity to see these storied races by such a thin margin.

It appears our internet is much more limited than anticipated.  I thought I’d be able to upload these screeds at will.  No such luck.  We’re working on a transfer mechanism, from this iPad to the ‘one’, but it will have to wait for calmer conditions (which is, more or less, the same category as eating).  Until then, I’ll keep at it.  

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