Re-prep. Sorta.  (Thursday, 3rd full day in Bermuda)

Our schedule calls for a Friday, 8 AM departure on the next leg to Horta, Azores, weather permitting.  So, Thursday is the day to refuel and hit the grocery store for fresh whatever, mainly veggies.  We’ve got to cross the harbor from the Dinghy Club to get diesel at our appointed hour, 9 AM.  That’s because with our combined need is large enough to get a significant price break by ordering up a fuel truck.  After refueling, we will anchor, rather than return to the Club.

Those are absorbent sheets in Bob’s right hand, but the process was completed at all four tanks without spilling a drop.  Did I already mention this?  Moxie’s fuel capacity is 2,250 gallons.  We used about a third of that on the first leg.  The other boats have a similar capacity, except for Aleoli, which clocks in at 1,740 gallons.

True to form, all the best scheduling didn’t eliminate a ton of waiting around.  One fuel truck, five boats.  Yeah.  In fact, it was past 1900 hours before the last, Aleoli, finished up and found a spot to anchor.  Interesting bit of trivia on Aleoli:  owner Stephan calculated that there was inadequate built-in tankage to get across the next stretch to Horta, given the reserve he wished to maintain.  So, he has purchased a 300-gallon fuel bladder to sit in the cockpit.  As the main fuel tanks begin to have room, they will pump fuel from the bladder into them.  I have a picture of the empty bladder, in place, but not with it filled.  I will attempt to remedy that tomorrow.

Groceries were easy and took no time at all.  The refer is stuffed, again.  Several boats’ crew had time to bus into Hamilton, in search of fishing lures, lipstick, bubble gum, etc.  Moxie was settled on the hook and had the dinghy down before 1430.  Still, it seemed too short a time to embark on much of an adventure.  Shar & I went into St. George’s for a bit of strolling and an early dinner.

So, we’re set.  Except the weather isn’t.  A gale and seas to 10 ft. are forecast for Friday; winds will abate on Saturday, but the seas will continue to churn to 8 ft.  At this point, we’re thinking Sunday is the likely leave date, but will reassess as the weekend progresses.  So, we’ve got more time to explore.

4 thoughts on “Re-prep. Sorta.  (Thursday, 3rd full day in Bermuda)

  1. Hi you guys. Love reading of your adventure. Will you be able to post at open sea? That will be the long leg. How about a word from Shar, too?

    We’re making things happen here in the PNW. Cheers!
    Syd and Fred


  2. Peter and Shar, OK, OK I get it now! You are as crazy as I was when I lived off the grid for two years in West Africa. Nobody understood me. However your adventures and descriptions are quite intriguing and luring. And it almost…almost makes me want to be there. I will reserve further judgment after you reach Horta. I pray to Buddha that you will have calm seas, no seasickness and good fishing. I want to see a picture of the five and six foot Marlins! What a rush that must’ve been. Miss you both and love you, Susan Greisen


  3. thanks for the blog. One of my best friends, Michel Sirois, is on board Jura. Michel also owns a beautiful N50.
    Hopefully we will be able to follow you on the web during this trip.
    Fair Seas


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