Leg 2, Day 0

Data at 7 AMWeather: partly cloudy, high haze, fresh breeze from W 

Water temperature: 76.6

The decision

The weather front passed overnight.  The dawn was much the same as we had during the transit from Florida; fleecy clouds, moderate breeze, very comfortable.  Seas are predicted to be 5 – 8 ft this morning, subsiding to 3 – 5 ft. this afternoon.  Looks good enough.

Unfortunately, there’s a snag.  One of the boats isn’t ready.  There’s a story here, but only the Saturday Night Live writers would dare go there.  So, the leave-date has been pushed out to Sunday.  There’s the added benefit of calmer seas tomorrow, so hopefully, there’s no downside.  The risk lies in the unknowable ‘next weather system’.

Bernie received a report, this morning, from another delivery captain, who left 2+ weeks ahead of us.  They’ve had a miserable time of it.  They were delayed a week in Bermuda and still got clobbered on the next leg.  Currently, they are at anchor (the harbor is full) in Horta, with 40 kt. gusts.

Other things

One might think that I’d be jabbering away about the America’s Cup Race, given that they were scheduled to get under way yesterday.  It got delayed, just like us, due to the weather.  Today looks to be ideal.  Still, there is little enough everyday hype to draw my attention.  We had to ask about the delay; it wasn’t general knowledge.  The race village is right next to the Dockyard, yet it appears to be an off-limits enclave.  It may not have been that way, but we did not visit it.

Locals are talking about it as a political discussion.  Bermuda paid approximately $80 million to host the races.  That’s $1,230 per resident/citizen…or an equivalent of $400 billion if the US population had to cough up the same per capita amount.  What I’ve heard is not particulatly nuanced: “$80M is a waste!” and “it’s a good thing” tend to predominate.  But passions seem to running the show.  There’s not been one word about the actual races or the six teams competing.

Jason reports that today’s race was on the tube at the local bar & grill, so maybe now that the races have begun, it will imbue a different aspect into the conversation.

Shar & I both bought a bit of AC apparel from the official retailer…and paid no sales tax, as per normal for Bermuda.  So we made no contribution to the economy, other than our presence here for totally unrelated reasons.


Cameron invited everyone over to Jura for a cocktail party at 1700.  100% attendance was achieved and all crew reported that all systems are GO for tomorrow’s launch.  I took the opportunity to get a group photo.

Listening to various conversations, before and during our gathering, I’m somewhat surprised by the comments about not caring to come back.  The general consensus is ‘nice people, OK place, other spots draw me more.’  And I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised because I can’t say I feel any different.

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