Leg 2, Day 11 – June 7

Data at 8 AM…Engine hours: 4180.7

Fuel consumed yesterday: 110 gal., total leg fuel consumed: 979 gal.

Miles traveled yesterday: 170 nm, total leg miles traveled: 1,648 nm  

Weather: SW wind 5 – 10 kts., mostly cloudy, temp ~69 F degrees

Seas: SW wind wave 2 – 4 ft., swell increasing from NW

Barometer: 1004 mb

Water temperature: 66.0 F

Morning report

Seas are still behind us with a gentle push from the irregular swell.  Long gone are yesterday’s white caps and energetic conditions.  There are showers, briefly.

The noon Mr. Bernie radio show featured a travel advisory for weather conditions, but nothing we didn’t know, already.  There’s some talk about delaying departure from the Azores vicinity.  Aleoli is planning to gunkhole the islands for a couple of days before moving on.  Relish voted to delay for sightseeing purposes, but will go with the majority.  Moxie is committed to making it to Gibraltar with Jason on board, if possible.  There are a couple of variables in that equation: the most important is weather, the next is Jason being able to extend his leave from work.  If Jason must leave to return home, the remaining Moxie crew would like to spend more time exploring the other islands.  Angela crew is willing to talk, but we’ve not heard anything about their inclinations.  The final item for the noon radio meeting is setting clocks forward another 4.167% into Azores Summer Time, Western European Standard Time,  GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and UTC (universal time coordinates).

After dinner

The swell have come way up this PM.  Coming out of the NW, they’re on a nice long period, so no big deal.  But they’re BIG, maybe 12+ ft. 

Aleoli reports having to dodge a dead whale.  It appeared as a large white blob that resolved into a rotting carcass, with sea birds feeding on it.  The most remarkable thing about it was the stench.

We’re now under 150 miles from Horta.  There’s some nervous energy around the fleet, but I can’t tell if it’s weather related or just smelling the barn.  In any case, if we get in early enough, we won’t have to worry about the weather.  But there isn’t much we can do; ‘racing’ isn’t a word that full displacement boats ‘get’.  More throttle, and even more horsepower, only burns more fuel once hull speed is achieved.

This isn’t a food blog: no pics of artful meals from our fancy, shmamsy galley, no saliva-inducing descriptions of dorado roe sashimi with foie gras buttons.  No sir & ma’am, but you do need to know about critter borgeaux.  This is a traditional last-night-out meal of the indigenous teenage Y-camp backpacker-explorer.  Ingredients include all leftover freeze-dried elements, combined into a one-pot meal.  It can be ghastly.  Ours, not so much.  Bacon, broccoli, mini-potato halves, teriyaki chicken meatballs, zippy spices & Parmesan cheese.  Mmmmmm.  Looking forward to a meal out.

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