Leg 2, Day 4 – Last day of May

Data at 8 AM…Engine hours: 4014.9

Fuel consumed yesterday: 90 gal., total leg fuel consumed: 265 gal.

Miles traveled yesterday: 160 nm, total leg miles traveled: 477 nm

Weather: WSW wind  ~10 kts., cloudy, occasional rain showers, temp ~75 degrees

Seas: wind wave negligible, swell 4 – 7 ft.

Water temperature: 72.3 F


I got a good slug of sleep overnight, from 2130 to 0430; started my watch an hour early ’cause I was awake.  Although cloudy, dawn was starting at 0500, meaning that we’ve traveled far enough east to get ahead of ourselves.  Today at noon is the designated time to get back where we belong by moving our clocks ahead to Fernando de Noronho standard time.

The wind is down, but the swell is not.  Yesterday’s blow generated all these waves behind us that should dissipate throughout the next several days.  These rollers aren’t as organized as the Pacific swell I’m used to…maybe it’s my imagination.  Our weather-router is calling it 8 ft. at 9 seconds, which sounds bigger than it feels, though some look pretty big, rolling down on us from astern.  And sometimes it feels like we rise a long ways above the surrounding ocean.

The fishing lures are in the water.  That’s all.

Jura’s stabilizer oil pressure appears to have stabilized.  And Aleoli drained the reserve fuel bladder and stowed it.  Apparently it was a quick and painless process.  Everyone is relieved that this element of potential havoc has disappeared off our collective radar.

Lemme see, what’s of interest that I can offer?  We passed the 25% of the distance to Horta spot.  Pretty slow, here. Just puttin’ one slow mile after another between us an the shore astern.  That’s all.

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