Leg 2, Day 6 – June 2

Data at 8 AM…Engine hours: 4061.9 (only 23 hrs., due to time change)

Fuel consumed yesterday: 89 gal., total leg fuel consumed: 451 gal.

Miles traveled yesterday: 153 nm, total leg miles traveled: 798 nm  

Weather: wind light, clear to N and showers to S, temp ~75 degrees

Seas: wind wave negligible, N swell 4 – 6 ft.

Water temperature: 72.8 F

Night watch

I’m back in the midnight to 0300 slot, after having since 0600 off.  Yesterday was quite fun, as in, “It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong.”  It helped ward off the slow pace that is all too evident in our progress.  It’s obvious that our planet is a big place.  It’s similarly obvious that 6 – 7 kts. is pretty slow.  But both are painfully more obvious as we spend day after day in a slow crawl across the watery face of this portion of the planet.  And imagine how obvious it is to the guy going 2 kts. in his sailboat.

There’s a quarter moon tonight that will go down about the same time I do.  It’s nice to have a bit of light; a horizon, if nothing else.

If it weren’t for broken toilets, all the days would be the same.  Even the fish are the same species and size. The motor drones on, the bow waves splash, one watch moves into another.   It becomes hard to tell one day from another.  But that’s good because it means we’re not terrified by the weather.


Seas have been confused this AM.  Gone are the big rollers off our port bow, replaced by pint-sized offspring that have no sense of order.  Because we are headed more or less into them, our pitching motion has increased.  Shar & I have abandoned the forward stateroom for hot-bunking the settee and leather chairs.

There’s a film of damp salt slime on everything: railings, walls, appliances, pillows, blankets, skin, hair, glasses.  I suppose we should get used to it.  At some point, we’ll wash down hard surfaces with a vinegar-water solution.  Air conditioning would dry things out, but that doesn’t seem to be on the agenda.

There’s a new weather forecast for which we are all at attention, as Cameron (Jura) reports.  The swell will further degrade as wind picks up from minorly varying angles, all behind us.  Monday & Tuesday could be a little frisky, but we’ll miss the BIG storm that’s forming in more northerly latitudes.

Even though our vessel is sophisticated and a techno-marvel, we’re doing laundry by hand.  There’s the 5-gallon, orange bucket, in which fresh water, soap and clothes are agitated by hand, using a heavy mallet.  The reason for this crude method is a technical irony.  The Euro-style washer that spins on a horizontal axis at very high RPM, gyroscopically creating its own center of gravity, cannot endure the competing forces of boat movement, any more than we can walk a straight line.  Bob figures that yesterday’s large swell would have caused the washer drum to leave the its housing and careen around the steerage-level spaces.  We’re not going to test that theory.

I’m really happy to be on this adventure with my sweetie…and NOT because she’s currently the motive force on the orange bucket.  It’s hard to imagine doing this without her, even though I would have come if she didn’t.  We love being here equally, and sharing it increases pleasure for both.  For me, married life doesn’t get any better than this.

The afternoon turned into the nicest day yet of this leg.  The shower squals moved off, the swell swung around behind us, the humidity was lower and nothing more than a breeze developed.  It wasn’t as nice as the super flat, calm days in the middle of leg 1, but delightful nonetheless.  Also, we had numerous dolphin drive-bys.  They seem to happen more often as we progress.

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