Leg 2, Day 9 – June 5

Data at 8 AM…Engine hours: 4132.7 (only 23 hrs., due to time change)

Fuel consumed yesterday: 98 gal., total leg fuel consumed: 773 gal.

Miles traveled yesterday: 162 nm, total leg miles traveled: 1,305 nm  

Weather: SW wind 15 kts., mostly clear, temp ~73 degrees

Seas: SW wind wave 2 – 4 ft., negligible swell

Barometer: 1006 MBA

Water temperature: 68.0 F

Monday, 0300 – 0600 watch

The wind has picked up, the moon is down, Venus is on the horizon looking too much like a ship and the water sloshing into the cockpit is cold on my bare toes.  The wind isn’t coming from behind, quite as much as we’d like, resulting in a herky-jerky motion that forced me out of the forward stateroom before my watch.  The moon is in its waxing phase, which is wonderful for some illumination, but our timing into Horta means we’ll miss its greatest benefit as we sleep at harbor.  Venus pulls the same trick on every clear night and I always fall for it.  And finally, the water has lost its lovely warm caress as we move north.  The air temperature is trending lower, too.  I’m wearing slippers most of the time and Bob actually shut both pilothouse doors tonight during his watch.  Shar put on her down sweater for the flare show, but she’s always cold.

Aleoli reports that its water maker is on the fritz.  A more thorough examination and fleet review will occur once daylight revives a majority.  

The motion of the boat on a prone body is a constant fascination because it’s so hard to describe.  But I’ll try, anyway.  The motion seems to lack the vertical element that’s such a major contributor visually and when upright.  Being horizontal seems to have rendered the body’s senses incapable of feeling in three dimensions.  In that reduced state, all movement is lateral.  It feels as though someone is constantly, drunkenly, arbitrarily applying the brakes.  Always variably braking, never accelerating.  Very odd.

Those of you with keen powers of observation and mathematical computation will notice that our engine hours are not only short one for the n-th shift to daylight savings time, but that the number to the right of the decimal has changed.  That’s because we stopped the engine to check its oil level.  Bob fired up the wing engine to keep us steady at 4 knots for the duration.  He added a gallon (out of 11 gal. capacity).  It took about 10 minutes.

Much later

Where are the #%€\@! fish??  We are within 500 miles of the Azores.  Don’t ya think there should be some fishies?  We’re having land-based protein for the third dinner in a row.  Jeez.  Evidence of proximity to land arrived in the form of two terns that circled Jura and then landed on the foredeck for a bit of rest.  We saw one several hours later.

The wind blew steadily at about the forecast level, today.  Seas are a bit lumpy, but not at all uncomfortable, as long as Shar & I don’t want to sleep in the forward stateroom.

Aleoli determined that the water maker control panel had  gone on strike.  A work-around was devised and they are back in the water making business.  Showers all around!  A spare panel will arrive while we are in Horta.

That’s about it; pretty slow & routine day.  All is good.

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