Leg 2 final day – June 8

Data at 8 AM…Engine hours: 4203.7

Fuel consumed yesterday: 110 gal., total leg fuel consumed: 1088 gal.

Miles traveled yesterday: 170 nm, total leg miles traveled: 1,818 nm  

Weather: SW wind 5 – 10 kts., mostly cloudy, temp ~69 F degrees

Seas: SW wind wave 2 – 4 ft., NW swell 8 – 10 ft.

Barometer: 1002 mb

Water temperature: 65.2 F

Approaching Faial

Fernando sighted land first, at about 0700.  I think we were all looking for a low-profile sighting, so missed the larger picture.  He pointed out a very large volcanic peak looming far above the horizon.  That’s Pico, from 42 miles out. 

At 0800, the predicted winds have not materialized; still ~10 knots.  We’re 30 miles and 4+ hours out, so there’s still plenty of time for that to occur, but so far so good.

At 0900, the amoeba begins morphing into a string-bacterium, as Bernie has us get into single file for approach.  He figures that a 1-mile spacing will separate us by 8.5 minutes for our entrance into the harbor.  Well, 8.5 minutes wasn’t nearly enough.  It took almost two hours to get fully secure on the commercial seawall.  

Our original directions put us rafted up, with starboard ties, behind a second seawall; very protected, close in.  On the way in, directions changed to port ties on an outer wall; more commercial, longer walk into town.  Once in the harbor, directions changed again: because of the wind, boats must anchor and raft along the seawall.  This is a first for most of us.  Drop anchor 100 ft ahead and 50 ft to starboard of the boat to which one will be tied, then back down and over until along side the other boat.  That’s what took so long.  Anchored and tied with more line than one would think possible.  BTW, every fender worth the label has been employed.

Soon after all boats were secure, the wind picked up another notch.  By the time we cleaned up, getting rid of the boat’s salt slime-grime, as well as our own, it was really whippin’.  The walk to town was an adventure in itself…helping to reset our bodies motion regulators, from sea legs to land legs.  By bedtime, well, we were more than really glad to be at harbor.  The motion on board was almost as much as when we were under way, but more side-to-side, with a rebound as the lines stretched tight.  On top of that, the creaking of lines, squeaking of fenders and shrieking of the wind was cacophonous and quite loud.  I slept well, anyway, being tired from a long day.

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