Leg 3, Day 3 – June 14

Data at 0800 hours…engine hours:  4257.5

Miles traveled yesterday:  185 nm       Total miles this leg:  342 nm

Fuel consumed yesterday:  128 gal.   Total fuel consumed this leg:  237 gal.

Weather: partly cloudy, SW winds ~15 kts., ~67 F

Sea state: wind waves ~3 ft., W swell 4 – 6 ft.

Barometer:  1005 mb, trending down

Water temperature:  67.3 F


I gotta say, the weather is confusing.  Yesterday it went through about 4 stages of clear to stormy-looking and back.  Today is showing signs of the same pattern.  Massive clouds form, then dissipate without effect, other than blocking the sun.  It’s unfamiliar as all get-out; someone explain it to me.

The new weather forecast is in.  The story is the same: For today and tomorrow, winds are lightly behind us.  N to NNW winds will predominate as we approach the continent.  The Strait of Gibraltar’s lusty outflow winds won’t abate until, maybe, Tuesday…after our theoretical arrival.

For the moment, we’ll keep heading straight east.  If we continued this direction all the way to land, we’d hit Lisbon, right on the nose.  Lisbon is 250 miles northwest of Gibraltar, so, at some point, we have to turn towards the south.  The route calls for this to happen 40 miles off the coast.  The weather routed suggested we might want to delay the turn some.  The fleet will discuss that when the time comes.  As far as I’m concerned, we could hug the coast the whole way for good visual interest.

Last night’s tuna is today’s lunch.  Jason volunteered to make sushi.  Here’s the result.

It was mighty tasty, even better as sashimi.  He’s very meticulous and skilled.  Thanks, Jason!

Fishing remained good all day.  We got two more in the boat and lost four.  These tuna have really soft mouths, so it’s easy to tug too hard and rip the lure loose.

Shar did her bit. too.


Note the fish on the cleaning table.  They were hitting fast and furious.

The day turned into a beauty; sunny and warm enough for me to shed my slippers.  We continue to be a happy crew, making good progress toward the old world.

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