Happy Birthday, Mom!  #99 – June 20

Yes Ma’am, it’s my lovely mother’s 99th birthday.  She’s wonderfully alive and kicking, living alone at home, and playing bridge at every opportunity.  I’m blessed that she’s still in my life.  Missing her birthday is part of the family approach to life.  She and Dad were hearty sailors well into their late 80s, so she was 100% supportive of this trip, for us, over attending her today.  Still, I’m sorry to not give her these wishes, and a kiss, in person.

Shar and I will be thinking about you all day.

Out and about

We’re leaving for Malaga, Spain tomorrow, so getting a few fresh grocery items are on the list…but the parameters of this chore don’t look anything like a ‘leg’ provisioning.  Kim will meet us there.  Shar and I are planning a side trip of several days to Granada.  

The weather is cooler and mostly cloudy, with a thunder clap or two in the forecast.  Assent of the Rock does not appear to be in the cards, as I have no portable radar to see through the clouds.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom!  #99 – June 20

  1. Hi Pedro, I’ve been following your blog since you left Fl. I really enjoy you writing style and wanted to let you know that sharing your adventure is appreciated. I thought about writing a few times over the last month but today is the day because…it’s my mothers birthday today too! She is 89.
    Happy and safe travels to you.


  2. Malaga is a lot of fun! If you need some fancy wicker work they used to have some small marts…btw Picasso was born or had a house nearby.
    Welcome to the Med!


  3. Hey, Peter, we’ve been eagerly devouring each update. Welcome to the other side! If you haven’t done it already, and have access to e-books, download a copy of Michener’s “Iberia”. The book in total is an impossible read, but the information, if you cherry pick it, brings depth and dimension to what you’ll be seeing. Thanks for chronicalling your trip. We’re living vicariously through you! Be well.

    Laura Meadors


    1. Thanks for recommending Iberia! We downloaded it onto our Kindles. I agree, it is a pretty tough read, not typical Michener, more of a detailed travel log (a bit like Peter’s blog on mega- steroids!). But yes, there is some great historical perspective in it. I have to keep remembering that his “current” observations are from 1960’s, almost 60 years ago. And it gives some insight to his style of travel, his innate curiosity; the elements that allowed for him to gain such rich understanding of the people and lands he wrote about. Thanks for the comments–happy to have you along on the journey!


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