June 24 and 25 – Travel day and waiting

Skip this posting…and don’t say I didn’t warn you

Saturday, the 24th, we boarded the milk run from Granada to Malaga, whereas it was the express run to.  Not exciting.  Arrived hot and sweaty at Moxie, mid-afternoon, and didn’t move until we cooled off.  Bob and Kim arrived about then, after a car trip north to look at another marina…which, they reported, was totally unlike our current proximity.  It’s a natural setting, with dramatic rock formations, clear water for good swimming/diving and no bizarre development and no thronged masses.  Unfortunately, we won’t be going there.

We’re off to the Balearic Islands, specicially, Formentera.  The weather looks iffy for most of Sunday, with winds in the nose to 35 knots until late in the day.  It’s a 40-hour run, so an early departure means arriving in the dark.  So, we’ll wait most of the day and, hopefully, wait out the poor conditions, leaving Sunday evening.

By 3 PM the forecast looked better and the arrive-time sounded good (7 AM Tues), so we left.  That’s it.

2 thoughts on “June 24 and 25 – Travel day and waiting

  1. Hey… Please post some pix from Formentara. I spent some time as a solo “hippie” traveler there in 1965. I’m guessing it’s changed just a bit. Ha!
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog, BYW. Thanks!


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