June 28 – Final Day at Sea, going to Palma de Mallorca

Of course this isn’t Moxie’s end journey, or Bob and Kim’s…but for Shar and me, it is.  After this short hop of 70 miles/10 hours and a couple of days in port, we’re switching to air and ground modes.

We got an early start to avoid, once again, forecast winds that rise to irritating in the PM.  The wind shifted 90 degrees overnight, sweeping down on the anchorage, instead of across the island.  The anchor was up and secure in dawn twilight, one of the only completely clear mornings we’ve had since leaving Florida.  Sailing yacht A reflected the reddish-orange horizon glow as we motored past.

A day in the amusement park

The wind came to the party early.  From abeam, to start, shifting around ever so slowly to the aft quarter, it played with us all day.  As far as rides you’d pay for, it would be low on the list.  It followed us all the way to Palma, and into the harbor, gusting to 30 mph.  

Our assigned slip (thankfully, that was stated in English) is a tight fit.  Remember, this is Med-style mooring, where backing in is required.  We made it without crashing into either neighbor on the first try.  BUT, we couldn’t get the bow line tight enough to keep the stern off the cement quay.  So, we’d slack off the stern lines, move forward, pull in the bow line that runs to the bottom (at a very flat angle), tie it off, then back down to re-secure the stern.  And again.  “Pull more of the bow line in!”  And again.  We just couldn’t get it tight enough to keep the stern off.  The answer, on the fifth try, was to wrap the bow line around the windlass and crank it until everything was taut.  Really taut.  Success!

So, here we are, a sardine sandwich.  Only the fenders separate us from the boats to port and starboard.  In hooking up shore power, we’re two-for-two in having to alter the power cord adapters.  Bob thought he had every possible plug, but, so far, none have worked.  Here’s the way it’s done here.  Re-wire it!


We’re eating out to celebrate our successful crossing.  This marks the beginning of Bob and Kim’s really excellent European adventure.  They are here for ten days, then in Barcelona for a month.  After that is undefined.

Palma is a big place, over 400,000 bodies.  Luckily, we’re as central as it gets, with plenty of everything nearby.  Excellent sidewalk tapas and a stop for gelato, just across the palm tree lined boulevard, complete our day.  Again, by 2200, everyone reports being ready for the sack.

One thought on “June 28 – Final Day at Sea, going to Palma de Mallorca

  1. I got the biggest chuckle! After reading your blog I checked the Garman and it showed all your different attempts at mooring at the dock. Yep, those are yacht sardines packed in there. I also enjoyed the geology/meteorology course in the earlier blog. My farmer’s daughter inquisitiveness never ends. That Mediterranean Channel is certainly a challenge. I’m totally impressed by the re-wiring of the plugs. OMG, The breath of skills and talent required for this journey are endless. Great job.
    Safe journeys, Susan


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