June 29 – Mallorca

I’d like to offer a short history of Palma, but it’s so convoluted with ‘the Romans this’ and ‘the Moors that’ and ‘the Byzantine Empire also’, that I can’t follow it, let alone distill it.  Other than the fact that conquer, pillage and fortify occurred again and again.  Any more detail than that, you’re on your own.

Our central waterfront location is perfect.

Our funster, Kim, is researching the possibilities for the evening’s entertainment.  And I believe she’s onto something.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Rounding out the crew

Y’all with an ounce of awareness and critical judgement will be accusing me of ignoring our newest crew member, Kim.  It’s not so.  I’ve been waiting for her to recover from our time in the agitate cycle that we’ve been in since she boarded in Benalmadena.  So, heeeeeerrrrre’s Kim!

She has assumed role of Chief Shore Officer and VP of Fun.  Asked what she likes about boats, she’s stumped.  Well, she likes (loves) Bob, who loves boats.  Seriously, though, she loves the water, as long as there aren’t any sharks for at least 10,000 miles.  “The ocean is powerful, it’s majestic and it’s scary.”  Her motto is “No land, no Kim”.  Her energy is infectious, now that she’s in her element.

Day trip

The four of us decided to taxi off 50 km to Alcúdia, which is on the opposite side of the island.  That way, we’d see some island scenery, along with the historic port city.  The taxi rides, alone, were worth the trip.  Bob’s riding shotgun, engaging the driver with a mix of Spanglish, French and expressive arm waving.  Kim’s offering corrections (her Spanish is good, by my standard) and Shar and I are cracking up.  Great fun.  And the weather is perfect; sunny, warm, not hot.

The area where Alcúdia is located has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, but it is with the arrival of the Romans that the city makes its entry in the history books. The Romans used the beaches of Alcúdia bay when they captured the island in 123 B.C.  The old town, surrounded by a medieval wall, has well preserved houses dating back to the 13th century.  

This (above) is the busy shopping and restaurant area.  Goods include more than just the usual tourist geegaw.  Kim and Shar each found something, and I found a birthday present for Mom.  The neighborhoods varied, but all were very clean.  One particularly nice one beckoned alluringly (below).  Interior spaces, in some cases, were modern and sumptuous.  This spot, in the foreground on the right, is for sale.  Takers?


Night life

Palma is an hot spot, offering much to the urbane traveler.  Tonight our CSO has selected a jazz-club dinner spot, starting at the stylish hour of 9 PM.  The music turned out to be a string sextet doing classical movie soundtrack stuff.  Very sweeping and dramatic.  And we could still talk to each other.  The walk back to the boat (about a mile) was through some quiet neighborhood blocks, but there was plenty of street cafe scene going on, too.  Nice evening.

My first impression of both Palma and Mallorca is very positive.  I could easily hang here.

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