June 30 – Transition

OK, it’s here.  After 7 weeks, as Bob says, “…in a bathtub” Shar’s and my roles have come to an end.  Today is about packing, cleaning the boat and moving to a hotel near the airport.  Tomorrow morning at 0800, we fly to Barcelona to become ordinary tourists.

I want to thank Bob, profusely, for this excellent adventure.  It’s rare to get this kind of opportunity.  It seems it worked well for all and solidified a friendship that, formerly, was more of a business working relationship.  I sincerely hope so, anyway.  I know Shar would express similar thoughts and feelings.  We wish Bob and Kim the best for their continuing adventure.  And I want to thank Kim, too, for agreeing to the whole concept.  I know she would have preferred that the boat be shipped across.  It would have saved her a bundle of worry.

At the beach hotel

Once we were ready to go, I went to call a taxi at the marina office, but ran into one already on the quay.  So, it was a scramble to pull luggage off the boat and say goodbye.  It felt too abrupt.  But here we are.

This is really different.  Gone is the sophisticated Palma, replaced by beach party bingo.  It’s not out of control, but the young, boisterous energy of groups (mostly guys) is plainly around us; drunken group chanting, etc.  We visited the beach (0.5 mile away) and had dinner at one of the many patio restaurants; nothing fancy, nothing great. The beach is sandy and the sunbathers, mostly, have their tops on.  The hotel (4 star) is quiet, being off the beach.  Their advertised free internet is lobby only; must pay extra to get it in your room.  First time I’ve run into that.

Tomorrow is the fight to Barcelona, meeting up with Ciara and Al, and who knows what else.  Looking forward to it.

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