Barcelona Day 3 – July 3

The markets of my travels have always been special.  I don’t know why, really.  Still, they are enduring memories, starting with Pike Place.  I could list…but won’t.  This one rates right up there with the best.  It’s called La Boqueria, and it’s just off the Ramblas.  Couldn’t resist taking pics of all the variety in the different stalls.  The best, though, are the eggs.

Ever since Bermuda, eggs are sold unrefrigerated.  It’s taken a bit of adjustment, but now we’re used to the fact that much of the world doesn’t refrigerate.  We’ve heard different explanations, but the gist is this:  Americans, Japanese, Australians and Scandinavians wash eggs right after they are laid with soap and hot water. This creates a cleaner shell but also removes a barely-visible protective layer that naturally helps guard the fragile egg interior from harmful environmental factors such as oxygen and bacteria, such as the ones that cause salmonella. In the U.S., the eggs shells, which are porous, are then sprayed with oil and refrigerated to improve shelf life and guard against contamination.

After a coffee and croissant breakfast, we ambled around, went to the museum of modern art (arrrgh…too cerebral for my taste), walked some more, had lunch, wandered, backtracked, shopped, shuffled, stumbled and finally crawled back to our hotel.  Along the way, and over multiple days, I’ve noticed fashions and patterns.  Here’s my report of the moment.  Short shorts for women are in.  Luckily, the fad is embraced mostly by those who can get away with it.

Scooters are big.  Makes sense.

And almost all buildings have balconies.  Some are ornamental, some are useful for hanging the wash.  These are the former.

More later.

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