Cycling Spain’s North Coast – Day 4

Hoofing it in the mountains

Today is a break from cycling.  Fuente De is our spot for two nights.  The plan, weather permitting, is to take the tram (they call it a teleférico) to the alpine, in the Parque Nacional Picos de Europa.  The weather forecasts have been dead wrong and we’re hoping for a continuation of that because it calls for rain…and the lucky streak continues.

This tram is unsupported between the bottom and top stations, 2470 vertical feet.  It’s a small cabin, with a limit of 25 passengers, so it doesn’t have the cattle car feel of some of the larger ski area trams.  We’re hiking as a team, so the photo opp at the top is easy.

Geoff has us hiking up, over a pass and down to a refugeo for coffee or a beer and a bite, then back.  It’s a 3+ hour affair in stunning, alpine country.  The surprising part is how much grazing livestock is up there.

Everywhere one looks is another excuse to snap the camera shutter. 

Not only are there sheep, horses and cattle, but also wild (that’s a technical term) goats.

The weather went from bluebird to threatening in the afternoon, as we made our way back to the tram.

Here’s looking down to our hotel area.  You can see that we’re at the end of the road.

Back on the bicycles tomorrow.  See you then.

One thought on “Cycling Spain’s North Coast – Day 4

  1. Wow, wow, wow, I must find out all the spots for me to visit next spring. That is absolutely incredible. I’m watching the Tour de France now daily. I want to go there too. Love to you both, miss you, see you soon. Susana


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